'You big-noses should have been cremated,' Italian teacher threatens Jewish students

The alleged antisemitic commenter has been making inappropriate comments for years, students said.

 Enzo Rossi school in Rome, Italy (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Enzo Rossi school in Rome, Italy
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

In a high school in Rome, one teacher took their antisemitic comments to new heights. The educator, an art teacher at Rome's Enzo Rossi School, now has several calls made against them for offensive comments, not limited to antisemitism.

Comments from this teacher have been brought to the attention of the administration, with many calling for disciplinary actions to be taken against the teacher, Italian media sources reported.

The OSA Collective  — a left-wing student organization — stated that this at the Enzo Rossi school was not limited to racial remarks. They allegedly also made offensive comments to both Jewish and female students.

The teachers' initial comment to Jewish students referred to the gas chambers found in Nazi extermination camps. “You big noses should have been cremated,” the teacher boldly commented.

Female students, when seen generally moving their bodies, bending over to pick up pens and other objects, were met with lewd comments. “This is how you provoke me,” the teacher said. According to students and parents alike, this has been ongoing behavior that has been reported. 

 Art by students at Enzo Rossi school in Rome, Italy (credit: Wikimedia Commons) Art by students at Enzo Rossi school in Rome, Italy (credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Italian newspaper La Repubblica reported that this week, the school would host an assembly and town hall in which students and parents could share their experiences with the teacher in the hopes of finding a solution. This special assembly would provide a safe space for students to air their grievances in a controlled environment without fear of teacher retaliation.

Routine behavior

The director of the school, Danilo Vicca, will be leading an investigation into the claims. Both parents and students said they had reported the harassment to the Regional Education Office to “no avail.” This art teacher's comments have been making students feel uncomfortable in their courses consistently.

Students reported that this is not an isolated incident - not only with this teacher, but in their school experiences as a whole.

Students particularly found bigoted comments regarding race, religion, and gender identity to be consistent. Students impacted by these comments acknowledged that this experience is just one of many they've faced not just recently, but throughout their academic careers.