Lihi Lapid addresses 300 women at FIDF New York event

Lapid, a writer and activist, is also married to Blue and White co-leader Yair Lapid.

Lihi Lapid; Sgt. Meshi; Lt. Neomi; Sgt. Rebecca, at FIDF Tri-State Women’s Brigade Inaugural Luncheon. (photo credit: ARON MICHAEL PHOTOGRAPHY.)
Lihi Lapid; Sgt. Meshi; Lt. Neomi; Sgt. Rebecca, at FIDF Tri-State Women’s Brigade Inaugural Luncheon.
Writer and activist Lihi Lapid addressed over 300 women during a Friday inaugural luncheon for women supporters of Friends of Israel Defense Forces (FIDF), a press release on behalf of the group reported.
The event was held at Metropolitan West in NYC and marked the creation of the Tri-State Women’s Brigade of that group. 
The event included Sgy. Meshi, a Jewish-American woman who joined the IDF and serves as a lone soldier. Sivan Bar-Or, a widow who lost her husband during the 2014 Operation Protective Edge.
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FIDF had been active since 1981 and is devoted to offering hope, purpose and support to IDF soldiers by offering educational and cultural services. 
Women can join the FIDF Women’s Brigade at $3,600 per year.
Lihi Lapid is married to Yair Lapid, who is one of the leaders of Blue and White. She is a photographer and writer who released 11 books.