Trump retweets video from supporter of convicted antisemite

One of the videos Trump retweeted shows a reportedly Muslim man in a nondescript location smashing a Christian statue.

Britain First leader Jayda Fransen's Twitter page (photo credit: COURTESY TWITTER)
Britain First leader Jayda Fransen's Twitter page
(photo credit: COURTESY TWITTER)
United States President Donald Trump retweeted two videos posted by Jayda Fransen on Thursday, purporting to show Muslims committing hate crimes.
Fransen is the deputy leader of the Britain First party and supporter of convicted felon Piotr Ryback, who owns a guest house in Cesarzowice, Poland that notoriously banned Jews from the property last week.
The guest house had a giant banner unfurled in front of the building, which read “Entry forbidden to Jews, Commies, and all thieves and traitors of Poland.”
In a video posted on Britain First's Facebook page on November 17th, Fransen is seen calling for the release of Ryback, wearing a red t-shirt reading "Free Pitor Ryback."
In 2015, Ryback was convicted for burning the effigy of a Jew in a major square in the Polish city of Wroclaw during an anti-immigration rally.  Fransen cited the reason Ryback was arrested as a "completely different offense" and claimed the courts "simply changed their minds" about letting Ryback stay out of jail.
In the video, she called this month's nationalist march during Polish independence celebrations "a huge success" and a "fantastic display of patriotic pride." She said Ryback was arrested by a "mob" of police officers, despite providing video showing three officers present and calmly handcuffing Ryback.
The Polish NGO From The Depths plans to prosecute Ryback after he tried to ban Jews from his guest house.
"If there's one thing I learned on my recent trip to Poland its that the Polish people will never surrender to P.C. and Izlamization like other countries across Europe have," Fransen said in the video.
The two videos Trump retweeted show a Muslim-looking man in a nondescript location smashing a Christian statue and a Muslim-looking teenager assaulting another teen. The tweets read, "Muslim Destroys a Statue of Virgin Mary!" and "Muslim migrant beats up Dutch boy on crutches!"
Trump has long called for a travel ban on immigrants from Muslim-majority countries, though prior iterations of his bill have been overturned for being unconstitutional.
Board of Deputies Vice President Marie van der Zyl has condemned President Donald Trump’s retweets of vidoes posted by Britain First Deputy Leader Jayda Fransen.
Marie said: “It is of grave concern that the President of the United States would retweet videos from the deputy leader of Britain First. They are a nasty far-right group which seeks to intimidate minorities, especially Muslims. We call on the President to delete the tweets and make clear his opposition to all sorts of racism and hatred