A-G sends Beitar team letter over ‘worrying’ hatred

Weinstein instructs police to continue to combat "overt hatred and racism" from certain fans, says sanctions will be implemented.

Fans shout at Betar Jerusalem match 370 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Fans shout at Betar Jerusalem match 370
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein sent a letter to the owner of the Beitar Jerusalem team last night to inform of his decision regarding the ‘serious and worrying outbreak of overt hatred and racism from certain Beitar Jerusalem fans’ over the addition of two Muslim players to the team.
Weinstein mentioned that the decision was made following his meeting with Police Insp.-Gen. Yohanan Danino, State Attorney Moshe Lador, the director-general of the Sports Ministry and other senior law enforcement and sports officials.
Weinstein told those assembled that “such racism was fit to be fought against in every arena that it raises its ugly head.”
The attorney-general said that he had instructed the police to continue to aggressively combat the phenomenon.
He said sanctions would be used and actions taken, such as banning those who indulge in racist behavior from all sporting events – not only the particular game during which they acted in a racist manner – as well as stopping games midway, detentions, arrests, and the initiation of full criminal proceedings, in addition to adapting the legislation to be stricter, to better deter violators.
Weinstein is to receive a progress report on regarding the situation in three months time.
In an attempt to redeem the reputation of Beitar Jerusalem supporters, a handful of fans plan to run in the Jerusalem Marathon on February 22, holding signs reading “Stop Racism!” “You can’t tarnish a large group of fans because of the actions of a handful of people,” said Liad Niv, who initiated the idea.