Dan bus company rejects Kadima campaign ads

Party petitions Central Elections Campaign to force company to display call for soldiers to receive equal pay to yeshiva students.

dan bus 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
dan bus 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Kadima has appealed to the Central Elections Committee to require Dan buses to display the party’s advertisements.
Dan and Egged buses rejected Kadima’s campaign banners on Thursday, which called for soldiers to receive the same pay as adult yeshiva students studying in kollels.
Egged said that it would not allow its buses to be a platform for negative advertisements that would make passengers uncomfortable.
However, following pressure from Kadima, the bus company changed its policy.
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Dan brought the issue to its lawyers, and did not acquiesce to Kadima’s requests to hang the advertisements on its buses.
The party hopes the Central Elections Committee will demand Dan do so.
“Freedom of expression is important in a democracy, and can only be limited in extreme cases,” Kadima wrote to the committee. “In this case, it is clearly not in bus companies’ authority to make decisions like this on their own. Dan and Egged’s decision is illegal.”