'If we didn't have Beck, we'd invent someone similar'

Danny Dannon welcomes conservative pundit in address to Knesset c'tee, says threats don't prevent Israeli public from living normally.

Glenn Beck 311 R (photo credit: REUTERS)
Glenn Beck 311 R
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Glenn Beck arrived at the Knesset on Monday to a packed chamber of standing MKs and distinguished guests.
MK Danny Danon (Likud) invited the conservative American pundit to Israel, and introduced him, saying, "(I am) glad to host a friend of the State of Israel... Usually we don't clap here in the Knesset, but maybe we can do that at the end."
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Danon lauded Beck's love for Israel and his ability to passionately defend and advocate for both the state and the Jewish people."Glenn Beck has a lot of experience with putting facts on the table... if we didn't have someone like Glenn Beck we would have had to invent someone like him," Danon said.
Beck discussed how the shocking reality of Israeli everyday life, under constant threat of terrorism, does not prevent the public from living their lives comfortably and casually.
In his classic simplified yet brazen style, the pundit explained "the few things I actually know" about Israel:
1) The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is about destruction of Israel and the West.
2) Anti-semitism is going to go through the roof. When these conditions appear, it's always the Jews fault. It's not about the holocaust, (that's) just the latest in a string of events thousands of years. Holocaust is just the one they made a movie about. It was the same way all the time.
3) The world is about to change, so think differently. Everything you thought you can count on, forget about it, (and) create new systems.
4) The truth shall set you free.
Beck then explained that his plan for Israel advocacy is based on communal outreach. "If you go to a synagogue, reach out to a church. If you go to a church, reach out to a JCC. Say, will you watch this with me? After that we'll talk and eat and get to know one another."
The conservative American pundit also discussed his trip to Auschwitz, and his upcoming documentary about it. He applauded the courage of the Israeli populace, the bravery and resilience of the Jewish people, and the humbling experiences he has every time he visits Israel.
After his speech a long list of MK's thanked Beck for his presence and his support, including Nissim Ze'ev, Ayoub Kara, Einat Wilf, Michael Ben-Ari, and Yulia Shalom-Berkovich, to name a few.
At the end of the talk, Marina Solodkin asked Beck to send George W. Bush her love and to ask US President Obama to free Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard.
To close, Beck said that Israel advocacy was more important than his usual work back in the states. "As a man who also worships the one God, in the times that we live in, it is clear that what is going on is God's work. If we are silent, evil will win. But if we stand up and take charge, God will do the rest."
Beck has visited Israel periodically since he his first trip in 2002, but this is the only time he has addressed the Knesset.