Israel Prize winners to sign petition for Palestinian state

Several dozen artists, intellectuals will sign a petition calling for an end to 'Israeli occupation,' establishment of state along 1967 lines.

PA Rally 521 (photo credit: reuters)
PA Rally 521
(photo credit: reuters)
Seventeen Israel Prize winners are calling for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state along 1967 lines, according to a copy of a petition obtained by AFP on Wednesday.
According to the report, the group plans on signing the petition, along with several dozen other Israeli artists and intellectuals on Thursday in front of Beit Dizengoff in Tel Aviv where the State of Israel was proclaimed on May 14, 1948.
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Among those reportedly signing the petition are former president of the Israel Academy of Sciences Menahem Yaari, founder of the leftist Meretz party Shulamit Aloni and painter and sculptor Danny Karavan. All three were awarded the Israel Prize.
"We are here to welcome the expected announcement of an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel, according to the borders of our Independence, fixed during the 1949 armistice," the petition reads.
Ending the Israeli "occupation" is the only way to abide by the UN partition resolution passed in 1947.
"The complete end of the occupation is an essential condition of the liberation of the two peoples," the petition reads.