Israel wedding
Civil marriage now

As the 69-year-old argument about the separation of religion from state continues to unravel, matrimony in Israel bears the brunt of the status quo.

An activist waves an LGBT flag near Israel's Knesset building
Washington Watch: Separation anxiety

It didn’t take long for the new administration to send a chilling message to the Jews.

A soldier stands next to a bus stop with a pro-Trump poster near the West Bank Jewish settlement of
Tillerson’s past offers few clues on his Middle East perspective

Trump’s choice for secretary of state, an oil man, will come under scrutiny for his broad opposition to sanctions.

Abraham Lincoln
When the decay cannot be denied

Do we really believe that a thoughtful society can exist without a commitment to nuance, without celebrating the grays in a world increasingly colored only in blacks and whites?

The ‘Exodus 1947’
Echoes of State Dept’s ‘editing’ in 1943: Jen Psaki, meet Breckinridge Long

John Kirby has admitted that one of his colleagues deleted from their archives a videotaped exchange in 2013 in which Psaki confirmed that the department sometimes lied to the press.

A woman and a girl sit in front of the Mediterranean at the beach in Ashkelon
Israeli government report aims to answer the question, 'How’s life?'

The report, “How’s life?” is the first of its kind issued by the government and aims to provide an all-encompassing picture of the state of Israeli society.

Jewish youths study religious texts
Lobbying group urges new coalition to review necessity of municipal chief rabbis

There are still no disciplinary measures the ministry can take against a rabbi not fulfilling his duties or who violates ministry regulations and guidelines.

Eli Ben-Dahan
Coalition sets up internal religions and state forum

The forum, proposed by Deputy Minister for Religious Services Eli Ben-Dahan, aims to solve government disputes.

Demonstrators await decisions in two cases regarding same-sex marriage at the U.S. Supreme Court .
Nationalized gay marriage, now inevitable

It allows popular sentiments on gay marriage to translate themselves democratically into law.

By Charles Krauthammer
Ultra-orthodox yeshiva students [illustrative]
State: No funds for yeshiva that incites violence

State attorney says "Od Yosef Hai Shechem Yeshiva" is source of incitement and violence against Palestinians and the rule of law.

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