Israeli Druse named Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean Ambassador

Edelstein: Former MK Majallie Whbee's appointment is a great achievement for Israel and the Knesset.

Yuli Edelstein and new PAM ambassador Majallie Whbee (photo credit: Knesset Spokesman's Office)
Yuli Edelstein and new PAM ambassador Majallie Whbee
(photo credit: Knesset Spokesman's Office)
Former MK Majallie Whbee will be the “roving ambassador” of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, the organization announced Tuesday.
PAM President Dr. Sergio Piazzi notified Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein of the appointment, which Whbee shares with a former deputy speaker of the Egyptian parliament.
Edelstein presented Whbee with the appointment, calling it “a great achievement for the State of Israel and the Knesset.”
“We do not get an abundance of such prestigious appointments, and I congratulate Whbee on his extensive activities, which led to his becoming PAM vice president in the past and now its ambassador,” the Knesset speaker added.
Whbee said he “plans to deal with sensitive missions that will effect regional stability and quiet.”
As part of Whbee’s new position, he will be PAM ’s ambassador to the UN, and was already invited to meet UN Secretary- General Ban Ki-moon.
Next month, PAM will meet in France, where Syrian representatives plan to take part in the conference, and Ban asked the organization to work on stopping the civil war there.
Whbee is also tasked with acting as an Israeli ambassador to PAM and makes him a member of the organization’s presidium.
Whbee was a Knesset member for 12 years as a member of the Likud and Kadima factions and was deputy foreign minister.
PAM was founded in 2006 and has 25 member countries, plus the Palestinian Authority.
The organization is meant to promote the interests of Mediterranean countries and work on regional issues, including political and trust-building dialogue between members.