Labor, Meretz submit bills on social issues

Left-wing parties attempt to fulfill campaign promises by proposing legislation on workers rights, housing and education.

Social justice protest 370 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Social justice protest 370
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Left-wing parties are attempting to make good on their campaign promises, with Labor and Meretz proposing legislation on social issues this week.
No bills will be voted on in the Knesset until the coalition is formed, because membership and leadership of Knesset committees, which work on legislation, are part of the coalition agreement.
Meanwhile, though, Labor brought back a bill it had proposed in the previous Knesset on the Basic Law: Social Rights, adding workers’ rights to the earlier draft.
The goal of the bill, signed by all 15 Labor MKs, is to anchor in legislation basic social rights such as education, health services, housing and the ability to live with dignity.
The bill’s articles include the right of access to sufficient food and water, the right of workers to unionize and strike, and the right to equality “in its broadest meaning, including equal access to resources and rights.”
Meanwhile, in light of rising dairy prices, MK Ilan Gilon (Meretz) proposed a bill canceling value-added tax on basic food items.
The bill lists bread, salt, dairy products, oil and sugar as those that should be VATfree and have prices under government supervision.
“We hope that following the promises by many parties during the elections, there will be a lot of support for this proposal,” Gilon said. “I suggest the public check if the parties’ money is where their mouths are.”