Libyan delegation reportedly visited Israel, met Livni

Senior delegation sent by Gaddafi attempted to alter Israeli perception of the embattled leader, passed along digital information, Channel 2 says.

Gaddafi on state TV 311 (photo credit: REUTERS/Libyan TV)
Gaddafi on state TV 311
(photo credit: REUTERS/Libyan TV)
A delegation of four Libyan officials met with opposition leader Tzipi Livni on Thursday and sent her a message from their country’s dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, Channel 2 reported Sunday night.
According to the report, the delegation wanted to meet with Livni, because she had expressed support for the rebels who are trying to overthrow Gaddafi. They received visas from the Israeli embassy in Paris after gaining approval from Israeli security services. Once in Israel, the delegation immediately asked to meet with Livni, who obliged.
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The report said the Libyans passed electronic information from Gaddafi to the Kadima head, who transferred it to security officials.
It said they also met with Kadima MK Meir Sheetrit and Jews of Libyan origin in Netanya.
Livni’s spokesman Gil Messing said he could not comment on the matter, which he said was complicated. But Sheetrit was open about meeting the Libyans at a Tel Aviv hotel.
Sheetrit said the Libyans wanted to meet with him because of his support for the Arab peace initiative. He said they invited him to come to Libya.
“I met with them, because I was curious,” Sheetrit said. “They don’t have roles in the Gaddafi regime. They wanted to come to Israel and change the image of Libya. They said there isn’t fighting on the streets there and that life goes on. They hope the situation will get better and that there will be relations between Israel and Libya in the future.”