Meretz launches campaign for left-wing voters

Party using Facebook, banners in intersections from Haifa to Tel Aviv spreading new slogan: "Your heart is on the left."

Meretz Campaign (370) (photo credit: Shay Even)
Meretz Campaign (370)
(photo credit: Shay Even)
Meretz launched a campaign to attract leftwing voters to their party, using Facebook and standing in intersections to spread their new slogan: “Your heart is on the Left.”
“Ahead of Rosh Hashana, the prime minister is trying to frighten the public on the topic of Iran,” Meretz chairwoman Zehava Gal-On said on Sunday. “What is truly scary is that our lives are in the hands of people we don’t trust.”
According to polls sponsored by Meretz, 18 percent of voters share opinions with the party’s platform. As such, the membership drive, which began on Thursday, is meant to “bring people on the Left back home,” party spokeswoman Hamutal Cohen explained. “Meretz is the Left’s home, where the true Left belongs today.”
One of the left-wing party’s campaign fliers and Facebook photos features a picture of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu under the title “if you are finally sick of him,” followed by their slogan “your heart is on the Left” and the Meretz logo.
Other fliers posted on Facebook focus on African migrants and social protests. Meretz plans to post new fliers highlighting different political issues every few days in the coming weeks.
On Friday, Meretz MKs, local council members and volunteers stood at 20 traffic intersections throughout the country, from Haifa to Rehovot and four locations in Tel Aviv, handing out materials on the party’s positions.
According to Cohen, the party’s popularity rose since Gal-On was elected leader in February, and the online campaign and banners in intersections have exposed more of the population to Meretz.