Meretz sets primary date for November 11

Former MK Avshalom Vilan announces return to politics as Meretz attempt to turn into central left-wing party in Israel.

Meretz protesters 370 (photo credit: Alon Hooter)
Meretz protesters 370
(photo credit: Alon Hooter)
Former Meretz MK Avshalom Vilan announced his return to politics Sunday, after the party set its primary date for November 11.
Vilan served as an MK from 1999 to 2009, and is currently the chairman of Meretz’s central committee and secretary-general of the Israeli Farmers Federation. He was fifth on Meretz’s candidate list in 2009, but the party only won three seats in the current Knesset.
“Because of the insane Right’s delusions, we must rebuild the true Left in the State of Israel and bring it back to the heart of the political arena,” Vilan said. “My experience and energy can be a significant contribution to this effort.”
On Saturday, Meretz published the regulations for its primary, which will take place in less than a month.
“We are at the opening of an election that will be critical for the future of Israel and the Israeli Left, which will turn Meretz into the central left-wing party in Israel,” the party explained. “We are prepared and full of energy ahead of this race, and call on everyone to help us succeed.”
The party opened an online campaign, posting photos of MKs, activists and other party members on its Facebook page, sporting bright-green T-shirts that read “My heart is on the Left.”
Each person photographed explained why they vote Meretz.
MK Nitzan Horowitz said, “Because the time has come to separate religion and state.”
Jewish Agency deputy chairman Rany Trainin said, “Because the Left is peace and social justice.”
Dylan from Tel Aviv was photographed with her dog, and said: “Because only the Left cares about animal rights.”
The primary will take place on November 11 in the afternoon at the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds. Members who wish to vote must register by October 23 at noon, which is also the deadline to submit candidacy.
Meretz MKs may not use their offices in the Knesset for their primary run, and the maximum a candidate may spend is NIS 19,250, of which NIS 11,400 may come from donations.