Mofaz's slogan: 'Mofaz, period. PM, period.'

Kadima leadership hopeful releases slogan ahead of March 27 primary against Tzipi Livni.

Shaul Mofaz campaign slogan 390 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Shaul Mofaz campaign slogan 390
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee chairman Shaul Mofaz announced his slogan for the March 27 Kadima leadership race in a press conference on Monday at his campaign headquarters in Yehud.
In an effort to emphasize his leadership, the slogan will be “Mofaz, period. Prime minister, period.”
“Today the journey to replace the Netanyahu government begins,” Mofaz said. “It starts with the primary in Kadima. This will be a long and difficult journey.”
Mofaz’s strategist Lior Chorev noted that when Labor started its leadership race, it had eight seats, and after MK Shelly Yacimovich won, her party rose to 22 in the polls.
“After Mofaz wins the election, our mandates won’t be fewer than what we won against Netanyahu in the last election,” Chorev said, predicting 28 seats for Kadima when it currently is at 13 in the polls.
Asked if he would join Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s government, Mofaz said: “I am in favor of national-unity governments. But the Netanyahu government has reached the end of its path. I don’t intend to join him. I intend to defeat him and replace him.”
Mofaz said he would reach out to Livni and the 12 Kadima MKs who support her in the race.
“I will give Tzipi Livni a central post in Kadima and any government I form,” he said. “Livni is worthy to be in the leadership of the party.”
Nevertheless, he added that “over the past three years [under Livni’s leadership], Kadima’s behavior was incorrect and full of errors. We could and should have done better. I will fix the mistakes that were made.”
Livni began reaching out to undecided Kadima members on Monday. She formed an undecided voter campaign team headed by MK Yoel Hasson and released a YouTube video in which she asked them to volunteer for her campaign.
“I intend to win this election with your help,” she said in the video. “I know that many of you are frustrated and sick of politics. I am not free of mistakes. But surrendering is not an option for me and I am sure not for you either.”