Palestinian prisoners warned against returning to terror

Security prisoners freed as part of Schalit deal "were told of consequences" of returning to terrorism, 'Post' learns.

Hamas supporters in Gaza 311. (photo credit: REUTERS)
Hamas supporters in Gaza 311.
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Palestinian security prisoners freed last week as part of the Gilad Schalit swap with Hamas were “personally informed of the consequences of returning to terrorism,” The Jerusalem Post has learned.
Security officials read out statements to the prisoners in the Ktziot prison in the south and the Sharon prison in central Israel prior to their release, a defense source said.
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The statements were read out after the prisoners refused to sign pledges saying that they would not return to terrorist activities, the source added.
Asked to comment on the issue, the Prime Minister’s Office confirmed that the statements were read out, adding, “the prime minister publicly declared that every terrorist who returns to terror is placing their life at risk.” Initially, forms were handed out by Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) officials to the prisoners for signing, Maariv reported on Sunday.
According to the report, Arabic-speaking handlers from the Shin Bet tasked with managing secret Palestinian agents attempted to get signatures on the forms, but failed to get the prisoners to sign.
The report said the refusal by all prisoners to sign their names came after the first prisoner who was asked to sign the form refused to do so. He repeatedly declared that he was prepared to forfeit the release and remain in jail if his signature was required for his release.
The prisoners had, however, concluded that their release was not dependent on their signatures, and left the state no choice but to retract the demand for their signature, the report added.