Prosor: Rise in tensions a result of Palestinian incitement

Israeli envoy to UN urges Security Council to condemn attacks, decries lack of condemnation from Palestinian leadership.

Ron Prosor 370 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Ron Prosor 370
(photo credit: REUTERS)
The recent wave of Palestinian violence against Israel is a result of Palestinian incitement, Israel's Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor wrote in a letter to the UN Security Council on Friday.
In the past week alone, a Palestinian sniper killed a Defense Ministry contractor doing maintenance work on the Gaza border fence, a bomb was planted on a bus in Bat Yam, a police officer was stabbed at a West Bank checkpoint, and rocket fire from the Gaza Strip continued trickling into southern Israel.
The IDF struck several terrorist targets in Gaza in retaliation to the various attacks, Iron Dome missile defense batteries have been redeployed in the south, and security forces have increased their presence in affected areas.
At least two Palestinians were killed in the retaliatory strikes on the Gaza Strip, one of them a three-year-old girl, and several were injured.
"The recent wave of violence is proof the Palestinian incitement has deadly results. School books, preaching in mosques and the [Palestinian] leadership's rhetoric all inflame hatred, ignorance and intolerance towards Israelis and Jews," Prosor wrote.
Prosor also decried the fact the Palestinian leadership has not condemned the violent incidents.
"Two days ago, the UN Secretary-General condemned the violent Palestinian attacks, alas not even a whisper was heard from [PA President Mahmoud Abbas] and his men," he said.
Prosor urged the UN Security Council to join the condemnation of the Palestinian violence, and concluded his letter by saying there "will not be peace and calm in our region until we know peace and calm on our borders."