App keeps drivers awake by shouting trivia

For those with driving fatigue, Drivia makes sure users stay focused, both on the game and the road.

Woman driving 311 (photo credit: Thinkstock)
Woman driving 311
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Alexandra Mann writes for No Camels.
If you’ve ever been yelled at for using your phone while driving (and let’s be honest, who hasn’t) now is your time to feel vindicated. A new iPhone app, called Drivia, says it is not only safe for driving, but will actually make your driving safer.
Drivia is an interactive, voice activated trivia game application that is designed to keep drivers awake and safe. Drivia takes care of the driver, making sure he stays alert towards the game, and most importantly, the road. Once the app’s fired up, it will ask you multiple choice questions and you simply shout out “One!”, “Two!” or “Three!” when prompted. If you’re unresponsive for a period of time, the app quickly and persistently pesters you with questions and beeps with the aim of keeping you awake.
Drivia was invented by two friends who both had experiences with sleepy drivers. Israeli Eldad Ben-Tora was on his way home one night when the driver in front of him started to doze off and almost crashed into a car in the opposite lane. Meanwhile in Australia, Assaf Mayer Yitzhaki was on a 9-hour bus trip with a sleepy driver who stayed awake by shouting out answers to a quiz show on the radio.
When the two heard that a majority of road accidents happen because of driver fatigue or lack of focus, they decided to launch an application that would not only make the driver safer, but also keep him or her entertained and engaged. The app offers many different trivia categories that can appeal to different drivers, from history, to sports and music.
When turning on the app, users are asked to divulge their level of tiredness, from “awake” to “pretty tired” and “dead tired.” The content of the trivia game, as well as the interval between questions and volume, depends on the driver’s fatigue. If a driver responds too slowly, the app emits pre-recorded messages to engage the driver, as well as loud sounds, until the driver is responsive again.
Drivia is a free app available in the AppStore in English, Basque, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese. However, music and sports quizzes cost $0.99 each.
Drivia’s founders say they are planning to launch an android and Windows Mobile version, as well as an added feature displaying rest stops.
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