Will Israeli Web app become music's ‘Pinterest’?

Loudlee is a new Israeli social network for music lovers.

 Loudlee 390 (photo credit: NoCamels)
Loudlee 390
(photo credit: NoCamels)

Michal Divon writes for NoCamels.

New social network Pinterest, an online pinboard,  has been on everyone’s lips in the last few months.  The site allows people to pin content by categories and follow other friends’ pins. So popular has the concept of pinning become, that others have followed suit.
One of these platforms is Loudlee, a new Israeli social network for music lovers, developed by Yaron Revah and Guy Elharar. Users can connect Loudlee via Facebook or request an invitation from a registered friend.
Loudlee’s design looks a lot like  Pinterest’s main page, with content featured by albums or artists. The site includes a video player which allows users to make their own playlist from albums or specific songs.
Revah told Israeli website Feeder that Loudlee is a service for YouTube and the artists: “We don’t harm YouTube, but rather strengthen it. Alongside giving the proper and full credit to the content derived from Youtube, we enable another channel for traffic.”
Since Loudlee has social network characteristics, when logging in with your Facebook profile you are automatically following your friends that are already on Loudlee. This way, you can see the albums or songs your friends shared and follow their musical taste – and discover new music.
Unfortunately, there is no option to save playlists or find others’ playlists and everytime you close the website the playlist is erased, but this might be remedied along with new features.
When asked about future plans for Loudlee, Revach said that more features are coming: “We wanted to launch this product because we felt it was ready and we wanted to hear users’ feedback about what’s missing for them.” He adds that in the future viewing other users’ playlists will be available, commenting and “liking” songs and albums, getting recommendations for artists and genres and even other users with a similar musical taste, searching by genres, artist biographies and more.
Currently, Loudlee’s musical catalogue includes music from Europe and the US and most of it is in English.
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