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Try one yourself >>> Residence: Moshav Neve Miftach, Israel Married? With children? Single Occupation: Director Birthright Israel program for IsraelExperts Education: M.ED Counseling Psychology Pets: Sophie but she is in the US Religious affiliation / observance: Reformadox Last person / party I voted for: Labor Family history (100 words max): My family came to Kentucky in the 1860s from Lithuania, Germany and Russia. Both mother side and father side came as peddlers to settle and establish business including the "Jew Store" My Mother came from a Russian Orthodox family where her grandmother had the only mikvah in town at her house. My father came from a German reform family. We grew up with both Jewish and Christian Traditions. Defining moment: Summer camp and High School in Israel 1975. My first time out of a small insular Jewish Community where I was surrounded by more Jews than ever before. I had a powerful summer as a "Counselor in Training" and then when with many of that group to study in Israel for a semester. Those 2 combined put me on my path of where I am today. My favorite holiday: Hanukkah because it brings light to a dark time, and walking around seeing Hanukkiah everywhere is something special. On Friday night, I... usually find myself with a Taglit Birthright Israel group sharing kabbalat shabat with them, dinner and then a lively discussion on Jewish Identity between Israelis and Americans. Comfort food: Real Southern BBQ or Sushi My mentor: Andy Halper 3 wishes: Win the lotto, buy a cafe/youth hostel on the beach, retire on the beach
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