About Me: Clara de Melo Castelar

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Try one yourself >>> Age: 60 Residence: Shepherdstown, WV USA, Home of Syria-Israel Peace Talks 2000 Married? With children? Divorced. One daughter Occupation: Writer Education: Incomplete. No Hebrew Pets: Dog, two and a half cats Religious affiliation / observance: Judaism Last person / party I voted for: John Kerry, Democrat My history (100 words max): I grew up in Brazil, where I studied languages and Journalism. I came to America in 1971. For Years, I went to university and waited on tables until while writing poetry and stories for literary magazines. A good friend and mentor persuaded me to write professionally. I worked as a freelance reporter and columnist, but grew disillusioned with commercial journalism. Now I publish a web magazine and write fiction. Five years ago I taught myself basic silversmithing and now I play with torches and metal. Family history (100 words max): My forcibly baptised ancestors fled Iberia for France, one step above of the Inquisition. In the Sixteenth Century they reached northeast Brazil via the Azores. In Brazil, they practiced Judaism secretly, but eventually lost their Hebrew and distorted many traditions due to isolation. Though I ncannot prove unbroken matrilineal descent, I gave my 28 year-old daughter a Hebrew name and I identify myself as a Jew and I worship as a Jew. At my age, my dream of learning Hebrew and visiting Israel seems remote. Yet, the it is a dream I cherish. Defining moment: Finding out that my infant daughter would live after a five difficult weeks in intensive care Daily routine: Late to bed, late to rise. Mornings are for writing. Late afternoons are for long walks, friends, cooking, and depending on the season, gardening, sketching, metal smithing, photography, music reading three newspapers and books On Friday night... Sometimes I go to shul, but it is rather far from where I live. I pray, in my heart Comfort food: Chocolate Last book I read was: Birds without Wings My mentor: Zohara Muchinsky Boyd 3 wishes: World peace. End of world hunger. Lasting happiness for my gorgeous daughter. Try one yourself >>> Meet IDF combat soldier Nicole and all 'About Me' participants