About Me: Irv 'Yitzhak' Frumberg

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Try one yourself >>> Residence: Sacramento, Califonia, USA Married? With children? Married 52 yrs, 3 children, 2 grandsons Occupation: Presently care giver for the mentally disabled Education: University-Landscape Design & costruction Pets: 1 Doberman, 2 cats one born in Cambodia Religious affiliation / observance: Jewish / Conservative Last person / party I voted for: Bush (I'm an indipendent voter) Family history (100 words max): Born-Bronx NY, Father born in Russia, enlisted in US Army latter part of the Korean War for three years, lived in Europe 3 years atached to Allied Powers Central Europe, lived in Israel 3 years in Jerusalem, 3 years-on a moshav, for 3 years-enlisted and served in Israeli Army during and after the Yom Kippur War till we left in 1976, lived on the East US coast 35 years, lived West US coast 20 years. Defining moment: My defining moment was seeing one of my friends being blown up by a land mine while I was serving with the Israeli army in the Sinai during the Yom Kippur War over the same ground I had walked on earlier. My favorite holiday: Israel Independence Day - Hoping and praying it will remain independent and free for many more years. On Friday night... My wife lights the Sabbath candles and I say the prayer over the bread and the wine. Comfort food: Either a hot Corn beef or a hot Pastrami sandwich. My mentor: Only my knowledge of the history of the past Jewish heroes who had the guts to fight for the rights of the Hebrew people and their land of Israel. 3 wishes: 1- To be able and give the care and love to my wife she deserves for putting up with me all these years. 2- Having my children and grandsons flourish better in their lifetime than I did. 3- Continue to dream about the love I had while living in Israel. Try one yourself >>> Meet IDF combat soldier Nicole and all 'About Me' participants