'An uncomfortable decision has to be made: is having a Jewish boyfriend worth the effort?'

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New! on JPost.com: The Hot Potato This is your chance to voice your opinion. We've chosen a controversial / interesting entry that appeared on our site (talkback, blog, etc...) and we want to know what you have to say about it. TODAY'S HOT POTATO: Taken from article: Generation Bubelah: Little white lies Talkback #: 6 Talkbacker: Practical Dreamer, Israel Text: What are the options for a single Jew in North America? I see three, and they boil down to the amount of effort required: 1. Date whomever, regardless of faith. 2. Make an effort to put yourself in a place with a lot of eligible Jews (i.e. go to lots of Jewish events, sign up to dating sites, participate in a synagogue, go on singles trips, etc) with the intention of finding a Jewish boyfriend. 3. Move to Israel for grad school or another program and date Jews. Chances are that the guy next to you on the bus or at the cafe is Jewish. Of course, options 2 and 3 require an uncomfortable decision to be made - namely, that having a Jewish boyfriend is important and worth the effort. What do you think? The ball is in your court now. Click here to respond Previous Hot Potatos