Weekly Schmooze: Mila Kunis' 'Notting Hill' moment

Jewish culture news worldwide: Oren meets Colbert, Joan Rivers and Sara Silverman have a cuddle and a laugh.

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US President Barack Obama's visit to Israel on March 20 has been making headlines in both countries, and since the fake news has to be as up to date as the real news, Stephen Colbert had Israel's Ambassador to the US Michael Oren on his show. The two discussed the president's impending visit, Iran, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel's confirmation, and how Oren is like Captain Kirk.
Fans of the fake news will have fewer outlets this summer, as Jon Stewart is going to take a few months off. Stewart plans to direct his first film, Rosewater, from a screenplay he wrote. John Oliver plans to cover for Stewart for eight weeks, and another four are during the show's summer hiatus.
In other film news, Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is going to star in a new film adaptation of Frankenstein – but not as the monster. The movie will be told from the viewpoint of hunchback assistant Igor, who will be portrayed by Radcliffe.
BBC sent rookie journalist Chris Stark to interview his celebrity crush, Mila Kunis, this week and the results were hilarious and reminiscent of Notting Hill. The young reporter described his dream date with Kunis – eating chicken, watching soccer and hanging out with his friends at a pub – and Kunis said it was the most interesting interview she had all day. Then, when the reporter was flustered because he didn't get to his questions, she rattled off all of her usual answers.
Speaking of videos about funny Jewish women, Joan Rivers started an online series called "In Bed With Joan," where she interviews people in, well, her bed. Sara Silverman was the first guest, and she talked about female comedians (of course), her sister the rabbi and, oddly enough, a lot about her eyebrows.
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