Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of OCTOBER 18, 2013

TIP FOR THE WEEK: You may find it difficult expressing yourself this week.

Star galaxy nebula colourful 370 (photo credit: UCLA/JPL-Caltech/NASA/Reuters)
Star galaxy nebula colourful 370
(photo credit: UCLA/JPL-Caltech/NASA/Reuters)
You have a great deal on your mind these days and the focus of your attention will be on money and financial matters. Not much of a dreamer, you will take your time carefully assessing your situation before determining on a plan of action. In the meantime, you also recognize that your financial position has improved greatly over the past few months, so relax.
HINT: Your relationship with a sibling brings joy to you both and this is the perfect week for spending time together.
This is the week for finishing projects, for writing important papers and for organizing your plans for the coming months. You are focused and have the patience to see things through. So push aside all the unnecessary things which eat up your spare time, and get to work. A conversation with a sibling will bring interesting results and you will be amazed at the depth of this person’s understanding. HINT: Pay attention to your finances and if you don’t really need it, don’t buy it. Retail therapy has its moments, but not good for the pocket in the long run.
You are pleased with the way things are going, but this week take a step back in order to get a broader picture. There are some things which need attending to, so pay attention to the little things you might have overlooked the first time around.
Time spent with your family and close friends is precious as you are so overworked these days. Don’t let immediate financial gains cause you to be overconfident…you still have a lot to do before you attain your final goal. HINT: Time spent with a Cancer is just what you need to calm down and relax.
Time is becoming a very precious commodity as you continue putting in long, hard hours.
The good part is that you enjoy what you are doing and know that in the long run your efforts are really making a difference. Not everyone you work with sees your vision or understands your motivation. The important thing is that you do and those who are in charge do, too. Although money and finances are tight these days you have everything under control and are sticking to your budget.
HINT: Time spent with a Scorpio will be interesting, so listen carefully.
Your need for order and stability is great this week as you continue to move closer to your goals. Hard work and dedication continue to fill your days. Don’t let little setbacks to ruin your day…something much better is waiting around the corner so stay confident and believe in yourself. Take some time off to socialize…the break will do you good and if you don’t have the energy to go out, then invite some close friends over for an impromptu meal. Everyone loves to come to your place. HINT: Your finances are under control and you are in a good position now to make a major purchase.
Ups and downs caused by family members may cause you to feel as if you are riding a roller coaster this week. You can’t control the situation but you certainly can adjust your reaction.
Sometimes all you can do is take a step back and this is one of those times. Thoughts of registering for a course or two have been on your mind for awhile and this is the perfect week for making a phone call or two. HINT: The atmosphere at work is becoming more pleasant as you find it easier to share ideas and work in harmony with a colleague.
MARCH 21-APRIL 19 The changes which you are experiencing are not surprising, and, as a matter of fact, you feel a great sense of relief now that you can be more active and aggressive in your pursuit of your goals. The people who have stood in your way for so long have finally realized that you are serious, extremely well-informed and can be trusted to do exactly what is necessary.
Your partner and/or mate continues to be a strong source of support both on a personal as well as professional level. HINT: Be patient with an earth sign as this person needs a little more time to absorb everything.
Things have not worked out as you had planned but as time progressed you learned so much and have gained a great deal of experience which has caused you to rethink of what you really want and need. Today you know what questions to ask and where to go in order to find the answers. On a personal level, your social life has been rather affected due to the long hours you have been putting in at work. HINT: When speaking with an older member of your family try to remember that this person has your best interests at heart and honestly cares.
This is the week for concentrating on what needs to be done without wasting time or energy on other projects.
Problems which have been hidden may suddenly rise to the surface and there is no one better equipped than you to deal with them. You have the expertise and the experience needed to finish the job quickly and effectively. Pay attention to your finances as lately you have been spreading yourself too thin.
HINT: Good time to keep busy at home and wherever possible try to avoid an argument with either a family member or a close neighbor.
Try to curb your emotions and realize that things are not nearly as bleak as you imagine.
Worrying will keep your mind busy but won’t get you anywhere you wish to be. The truth is that things are not nearly as bad as you imagine. You are simply overworked and need to take a little break in order to get things back into perspective. A conversation with another water sign will help you see things clearer. Financially things are looking up and you can begin to spend a little more on yourself and those you love. HINT: A project which has been waiting will have to wait a while longer as you gather strength to deal with the final pages.
Your thoughts and energy are focused in and around your home and family.
There is a great deal going on but little that you are in control of. The best you can do is remain patiently in the background. When anyone needs your help or advice, they will come to you as they always do. In the meantime take care of your own personal business. The more active and busy you are, the better. HINT: You are committed to a certain project and when it is done you will feel a great deal of personal satisfaction and pleasure, so make time and roll up your sleeves.
Some days you have the feeling that you are moving full speed ahead, and yet still standing in place.
Even though you know you are right, people continue to argue with you and try to get you to change your mind. But by the end of the week all will know that not only were you correct, but your way of thinking is the only way to get the maximum results with the minimum of effort. Your relationship with your partner and/or mate continues to blossom and together you will accomplish great things. HINT: Your relationship with a sibling is rocky and for the time being just walk away.
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