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The hottest Jewish culture news worldwide: Lena Dunham's Purim Spiel, Gangsta megilla story; Ahmadinejad e-cards.

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schmooze purim 311
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All of you good Jews out there are probably tired and hungry because Thursday is the Fast of Esther, but there's lots of good humor, food and wine ahead, since Purim is on Sunday!
First we have the obligatory funny YouTube video, from the very people who brought us gangsta latkes on Hanukah: Bubbala Please. Our friends Jaquann and Luis bring along a sexy Queen Esther to rap about the story of the megilla and the day's festivities. Warning: NSFW language.
The mitzvah of mishloach manot – delivering food packages to friends – is an integral part of Purim, but if some of your friends are far away, you may prefer to send an e-card. Tablet Magazine has you covered, with some hilarious Purim-themed messages.
Of course, one of the essential components of any good mishloach manot are hamentaschen, or three-cornered cookies meant to represent Haman's ears, pockets or hat, depending on who you ask and which language you speak. Buzzfeed put together a list of the 32 craziest hamentaschen flavors, ranging from candy cane cheesecake to savory meat. The list also includes a recipe by Jerusalem Post Christian Edition editor Amy Spiro!
New  Yorkers looking for a Purim party, or, to be more accurate, a Purim-themed party three days after the holiday, should look no further than The Jewish Museum's Purim Ball, where the talented writer\director\actress Lena Dunham is delivering the Purim spiel. Considering how much fun her HBO show "Girls" is, the spiel will probably be hilarious.
In non-Purim news, a kid named Daniel Fine produced an insane Save the Date video for his Bar Mitzva that is becoming a viral hit. Fine, a resident of Atlanta, raps like a pro, referring to the famous industries of his city – Coca-Cola, everything Ted Turner touches, the Braves – and hangs out in front of dinosaurs. If this is what his Save the Date is like, the party will probably be no less than spectacular.
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