The wealthy behind US presidential race

A look at wealthy individuals who have contributed at least $1 million to the major political action committees.

US Republican candidates 390 (photo credit: Reuters)
US Republican candidates 390
(photo credit: Reuters)
Individual donors to US presidential candidates can contribute up to $2,500 for the state-by-state party nominating contests and another $2,500 for the general election. But independent groups called Super PACs have no limits on what they can raise from individuals, corporations or labor unions.
Here is a look at wealthy individuals who have contributed at least $1 million to the major political action committees, or PACs, as disclosed to the Federal Election Commission.
Restore to our future
Total raised as of May 31: $61.5 million
(Supports Republican Mitt Romney, a former Massachusetts governor)
* Bob Perry - Houston builder who was a major donor to Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, a group that helped undermine 2004 Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry by attacking his Vietnam War record. He is also a longtime supporter of Texas Governor Rick Perry. Total donations: $4 million
* F8 LLC and Eli Publishing - Provo, Utah-based firms that share an address. Both have been linked to former executives of Nu Skin, a Utah-based skin care and cosmetics company. Total donations: $2 million
* Julian Robertson - hedge fund industry legend at Tiger Management. Total donations: $1.3 million
* Frank VanderSloot - Idaho businessman who runs the nutritional and cosmetics company Melaleuca. The firm and its subsidiaries have also donated. Total donations: $1.1 million
* Kenneth Griffin - Chicago-based hedge fund manager and CEO of Citadel LLC. Total donations: $1.1 million
* John Paulson - a prominent New York hedge fund manager at Paulson and Co. Donation: $1 million
* John Kleinheinz - Texas hedge fund manager for Kleinheinz Capital Partners Inc. Donation: $1 million
* Edward Conard - a New York investor and former executive at Bain Capital, a private equity firm co-founded by Romney. Donation: $1 million
* Paul and Sandra Edgerly - Paul Edgerly of Brookline, Massachusetts, is an executive at Bain. The Edgerlys each have given $500,000. Total donations: $1 million
* Robert Mercer - New York hedge fund manager at Renaissance Technologies. Donation: $1 million
* Paul Singer - hedge fund manager who helped fund efforts to legalize gay marriage in New York. Donation: $1 million
* Rooney Holdings Inc - A private investment firm formed in 1980s to acquire the Manhattan Construction Co. and since expanding into many areas. Total donations: $1 million
* J.W. Marriott Jr. - chairman and CEO of Marriott International, brother of Richard Marriott. Total donations: $1 million
* Richard Marriott - chairman of Host Marriott International. Total donations: $1 million * Steven Webster - private equity executive at Avista Capital in Houston. Total donations: $1 million
* Robert Brockman - executive at Reynolds and Reynolds, a Dayton, Ohio-based car dealership support company that shares a P.O. Box with CRC Information Systems Inc, Fairbanks Properties LLC and Waterbury Properties LLC, which split the donation three ways. Total donations: $1 million
* Huron Carbon - a private firm that shares its address in Florida with Oxbow Carbon. Donation: $1 million
* Miguel Fernandez - chairman of MBF Healthcare Partners, a private equity firm. MBF Family Investments also donated to the Super PAC. Total donations: $1 million PRIORITIES USA ACTION Total raised as of May 31: $14.3 million (Supports Democratic President Barack Obama)
* Jeff Katzenberg - chief executive of DreamWorks Animation. Donation: $2 million * Bill Maher - stand-up comedian. Donation: $1 million
* Service Employees International Union Committee on Political Education - union representing more than 2 million workers. Donation: $1 million
* National Air Traffic Controllers Association - union representing more than 16,000 workers. Donation: $1 million
* Kareem Ahmed - chief executive at Landmark Medical Management in California. Donation: $1 million
* Amy Goldman - writer and heiress to the New York real estate fortune of Sol Goldman. Donation: $1 million * Steve Mostyn - Houston attorney. Donation: $1 million.
* Franklin Haney - Owner and CEO of FLH Company, a Washington-based real estate company. Donation: $1 million.
* Barbara Stiefel - retiree in Coral Gables, Florida. Donation: $1 million.
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American Crossroads
Total raised as of May 31: $34.3 million (Supports Republican candidates for federal offices)
* Harold Simmons - billionaire Dallas banker and CEO of Contran Corp who has contributed to PACs supporting Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich. Total donations: $11 million
* Bob Perry - Houston homebuilder. Total donations: $3 million * Joe Craft - Billionaire coal executive from Tulsa, Oklahoma, CEO of Alliance Holdings, which is also a donor. Total donations: $2.1 million
* Contran Corp - Simmons' Dallas-based maker of titanium components. Total donations: $2 million
* Jerry Perenchio Living Trust - a trust of billionaire television tycoon A. Jerrold Perenchio, who is a former chairman of Spanish-language broadcaster Univision. Donation: $2 million
* Crow Holdings - Dallas-based real estate investment firm. Total donations: $1.5 million
* Robert Rowling - an Irving, Texas, businessman and a conservative and active Republican donor. Donation: $1 million
* TRT Holdings, Inc - Rowling's company that runs Omni Hotel and Gold's Gym chains. Donation: $1 million
* Whiteco Industries - Indiana-based company involved in advertising, construction entertainment and hotels. Donation: $1 million
* Philip Geier - New York executive. Total donations: $1 million
* Irving Moskowitz - a Florida bingo magnate who runs a charity in California and is known for his support of Jewish settlers in East Jerusalem. Donation: $1 million
* Kenneth Griffin - Citadel Investment Group chief executive. Total donations: $1 million WINNING OUR FUTURE Total raised as of May 31: $23.9 million (Supports Republican Newt Gingrich, a former House of Representatives speaker who ended his campaign on May 2)
* Sheldon Adelson - billionaire Las Vegas casino magnate who built the Venetian hotel and casino. Donation: $7.5 million
* Miriam Adelson - doctor, wife of Sheldon Adelson. Donation: $7.5 million after $5 million refunded in May
* Sivan Ochshorn, Yasmin and Oren Lukatz, Shelley Maye Adelson - daughters and son-in-law of Miriam and Sheldon Adelson. Total donation: $1.5 million
* Harold Simmons - Initially supported Rick Perry. Donation: $1.1 million