The Weekly Schmooze: Celebrity holiday traditions

JPost column wrapping up hottest Jewish culture news: Conan's horrific menorah; "Jewish Jordan" hawks tzitzit.

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Happy second day of Hanukka! Of course, that message goes out to Schmooze readers and to the many, many celebrities celebrating the Festival of Lights.
Gwyneth Paltrow, for one, did not get the message that this holiday is all about the fried food, and wrote on her weekly "GOOP" newsletter that she is a fan of "Chozen" Ice Cream, which comes in Jewish holiday-themed flavors, like chocolate gelt, matzoh crunch or apples and honey.
Scarlett Johansson decided to do a mitzvah for Hanukka, and designed a pair of beanies made from organic cotton to raise awareness and funds for cancer research. For every beanie purchased, one will be donated to a cancer patient or survivor. After 5,000 are donated, 10 percent of sales will be given to City of Hope, a cancer center in California. The beanies can be found on
Conan O'Brien, who isn't quite Jewish, came up with a very, very bad idea: A Human Centipede Menorah. If you don't know what a Human Centipede is, consider yourself lucky to have missed the disturbing Dutch horror film.
Now for the lifestyles of the less-rich and less-famous, with even more Hanukka-themed videos.
First we have the Yeshiva Boys Choir who, despite being small Orthodox children, are nostalgic for Hanukka days of yore.
Next, watch Veronica Monica teach Elmo about the story of Hanukka with a fun cartoon:
Finally, there's "The Rocky Hora Chanukah" song – a parody of the classic "Time Warp" that's as low-tech as the original:
This may not be a Hanukka video, but it's appropriate for the end of the year. JTA came out with "Auto-tune the Jews," a musical version of some of the biggest Jewish news stories of the year:
For those of you who still haven't found Hanukka gifts for your family and friends, the basketball player formerly known as the "Jewish Jordan," Tamir Goodman, is hawking Sport Strings Tzitzit. His website says the halachic garment features "hi performance qualities" – perfect for religious athletes.
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