The Weekly Schmooze: Tweeting up a storm on Sandy

JPost on hottest Jewish news: Ironically, storm stops production on "Noah" film; Zombie Woody Allen.

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weekly schmooze 311
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Hurricane Sandy ravaged New York and New Jersey, home to many, many Jews and Jewish celebrities, this week. Of course, they all tweeted up a storm.
Of course, Joan Rivers could find the humor in any situation.
Lena Dunham safely watched the storm on TV from India
While Jerry Seinfeld tried to interpret New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's wardrobe
And Bette Midler got a healthy dose of irony:
Speaking of irony, production of the Darren Aronofsky-directed, Russell Crowe-starring "Noah," yes, the Noah with the ark, was put on hold because of the storm, which is hilarious, as cast member Emma Watson pointed out.
A giant replica of Noah's Ark was built for the film in Long Island, New York this summer.
It may have been interrupted by Hurricane Sandy, but Halloween was on Wednesday. Sure, Halloween isn't a Jewish holiday, but this week's episode of "New Girl" managed to bring in a string of Woody Allen jokes in its honor:
Two weeks ago, Sarah Silverman's dad defended her honor, after a rabbi wrote an article saying she should stop telling dirty jokes, get married and have kids. Silverman visited Jay Leno this week to promote her new film, Wreck-It Ralph, and talked about her dad, who was "horrified to be famous – just kidding, he loves it." Silverman got a little confused about the Old Testament, calling it the "first Bible," and talked about her favorite restaurant, the airport diner.
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