Top Ten Reasons to Become a Premium Zone Subscriber

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1. Get all the weekend supplements:
1. The weekend Magazine, 2. In Jerusalem and 3. Metro, featuring fascinating, in-depth articles from all over Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish world.
2. 'The Jerusalem Report':
Read exclusive articles from this editorially independent and highly acclaimed news magazine. Bridging the gap between Israel and the Diaspora, the Report features original journalism that casts a shrewd eye on the Middle East.
3. The Experts:
The Premium Zone op-ed columnists comprise a unique panel of experts, ranging from ambassadors to Knesset members and business tycoons. Exclusive to Premium Zone subscribers and updated daily, our mavens analyze current affairs with an insider’s perspective.
4. Video analysis:
The Premium Zone periodically interviews prominent newsmakers, ranging from politicians to reporters to celebrities, for an on-camera flash analysis on current events.
5. E-paper:
The fast, easy way to read an exact digital replica of the printed newspaper every day. Get all the stories in a ‘turn-page’ format from today’s Jerusalem Post - even before they’re released on our website.
6. Shape the news you want to see:
The Premium Zone affords optimal reader-participation for molding its content. Only Premium Zone subscribers can contact our Experts directly, submit questions for our interviews, and suggest guest columnists or Video Analysis interviewees – our goal is to involve our readers to become a part of the media platform.
7. Exclusive content from Jerusalem Post publications:
1. The Christian Edition, with news articles, opinion columns and features 2. Dash, a youth magazine aimed at introducing teenagers to their heritage, 3. Ivrit, featuring Jerusalem Post stories in three levels of easy Hebrew.
8. Ad-free:
No longer will you have to suffer pop-up ads or flashy banners because the Premium Zone is entirely free of advertisements.
9. Convenient: All Premium Zone content - including the e-paper - is available wherever you go and can be accessed from a standard Web browser without any additional software.
10. Only $8 per month with no commitment: Enjoy the entire suite of The Jerusalem Post’s publications with the Premium Zone for only US $8 per month.

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