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Abe Selig
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ABOUT YOU >>> Age: 26 Residence: Nachlaot, Jerusalem Married? With children? It seems I'm farther away from that than even I'd like to be Current occupation: Writer/copy editor/ general handy-man Dream job/career: See above What are you most proud of: The accomplishments of my family and friends Religious affiliation / observance: Bars on Thursday, Shul on Shabbat Last person / party I voted for: I don't vote, it allows me the right to complain unconditionally Next person / party I will vote for: I was pretty serious about the not voting thing My history (100 words max): I was born to a young couple of hippy-cowboys in quiet Austin, Texas, in the early 1980s. Raised on creek-water and bamboo forts, I had an early affinity for the earth, and a love for bolo-ties which has been documented in photographs. I was the only Jewish kid on the baseball team, one of a few in my public school, and a part of the small, but tightly-knit community of conservative Jews that call Central Texas home Family history (100 words max): My dad's father was a Litvak who survived the war and moved to El Paso, Texas in the 1950s, bestowing upon the Mexican community there the beauty of Yiddish euphemisms and the work ethic of Eastern Europe. My mom's side were mostly yekim who have been in Texas, at least on her mom's side, for more than one hundred years. There was a running rumor when I was a kid, that someone eloped with an Apache, and such explained the nasty temper that seemed to run prevalent on that side of the family line. My parents met in the 1970s at the University of Texas at Austin - a union that gave birth to both me and my beautiful sister Ellana. Greatest invention: A cloned dummy to pawn off all your mistakes and awkward situations on. I think someone else is actually working on this already If you could have dinner with any person in the world it would be: The late, great singer-songwriter, Townes Van Zandt If you could go anywhere on vacation, it would be: A year-long India/Nepal/China extravaganza, and just write and take pictures along the way Feminine/masculine trait I'd like to have: I'd love to have a fuller mustache, it's troubled me for years. What angers you: Hypocrisy, dishonesty, and arrogance - nothing too serious What makes you happy: Friends, family, good food and strong drink. Success and romance aren't too bad either Last book I read was: Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72, by Hunter S. Thompson Comfort food: Pargiyot from Steakit Yerushalaim - not to be confused with Steakit Chatzot. I'm not taking sides, I just know what I like. Anything you regret? Yes, and I'd rather not add telling everyone about them to that list My life five years from now: Married with a bunch of wild kids in a semi-rural setting You may not like it but I have something controversial to say: I believe wholeheartedly in the right of the Jewish people to express their identity, and return to their Biblical and historic homeland of Israel Happiness: 1-10 (10 being the happiest) 7 Click here to leave a message for Abe Selig ABOUT YOU >>> Meet all 'About Me' participants