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ABOUT YOU >>> Age: 22 Residence: California Married? With children? Not married, no kids Current occupation: Student at UC Berkeley Dream job/career: District Attorney What are you most proud of: The Jewish people's accomplishments and contributions to the world Religious affiliation / observance: Reform Last person / party I voted for: Unfortunately, George W. Bush Next person / party I will vote for: Another unfortunate, John McCain My history (100 words max): I was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and moved to the United States at the age of 3. However, I am Russian and not of Uzbek decent. But maybe that is wrong because my Soviet passport, under nationality, stated that I was Jewish and not Russian. That is completely fine with me Family history (100 words max): I am the second generation to be born in Uzbekistan. Both my mothers and fathers families moved there from the Ukraine during the Second World War Greatest invention: I have a lot of them, ideas at least, but every time I turn on the TV someone already created the item If you could have dinner with any person in the world it would be: Meir and David Ben Gurion, so I can hear them re-tell their stories about the day that Israel became a nation again. If you could go anywhere on vacation, it would be: Israel, Russia, Italy and Greece What angers you: Liberals in general and the liberal Jews who act like apologists for the rest of the Jewish people. Also, the country club Republicans who are so caught up with their golf games that they lack to adhere to the "realpolitick" approach of true conservatives What makes you happy: Time with my family and friends and thinking about my one month vacation that I am going to be taking in Israel Last book I read was: The biography of Ariel Sharon (say what you will about his political scandals, but the man was a true patriot of Israel, unlike the politicians Israel has today) Comfort food: Sushi My life five years from now: Hopefully working as a district attorney You may not like it but I have something controversial to say: As I stated above, the apologist liberal Jews have lost sight of reality. They think that just because the Jews are accepted as fellow countrymen in America, that it is true for Jews all over the world. Do not act as if you are speaking on my behalf! Jews are still despised all over the world in many places. Take the veil of your eyes and see reality for what it is. They see the Jewish people and Israel or Zionists (primarily) as another group of "white people or upper class people" who discriminate against others. Zionism was a reaction to the evident existential phenomenon of anti-Semitism Happiness: 1-10 (10 being the happiest) 9 Click here to leave a message for Michael Gurevich ABOUT YOU >>> Meet all 'About Me' participants