New! launches new video feature

Daily broadcast from IBA News, specific clips attached to home page articles and Web clips.

video pic 224 (photo credit: )
video pic 224
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The Jerusalem Post Internet Edition - - is happy to announce the launching of its brand new video section! The section includes 3 main elements: 1) A 22-minute daily broadcast of IBA News in English from Israel Television (including Friday and Saturday). The broadcasts usually appear on site between 6 and 7 p.m. Israel time. Click to watch >>> 2) Specific clips will be cut from the full IBA broadcast and attached to relevant news articles on the home page. Clicking on an image of a TV placed inside the article will direct you to the clip. See image on the right >>> 3) Stage II - which will be launched at a later stage - will include featured video clips from various online sources that will be added to a full-blown video section. Our aim: to showcase the best Jewish video Web content that's out there and relevant to our readers