Pessah Supplement 5767

What it means to be free, Echoes of Egypt in India, Making this night different, Making your Seder kid-friendly and much more.

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pessah cleaning 88
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Second night redemption Together is good, together is important, together is an ideal. But together is not always all that it's cracked up to be - not the familial together, nor the national one. What it means to be free We should truly see ourselves as being newly freed, not only from the ancient Pharaoh, but from our own modern selves. A prayer for the rescue of IDF captives and MIAs A special prayer compiled by the Rishon Letzion, Sepharadic Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar. A plague upon thee, Swank In 'The Reaping,' biblical plagues teach a small town a thing or two about heavenly wrath. War of the pyramid theorists Some believe that the pyramids of Egypt were built by Jewish slaves, others say they were built by respectable Egyptians. For Egyptian scholars, there is only one reality. Echoes of Egypt in India After finally making it to the Promised Land, the Bnei Menashe community's Pessah traditions ensure their memories of Egypt remain vivid. The everlasting lie For centuries, Jews have paid with their lives for baking the most humble of pastries, the matza. Yet somehow the blood libels that endangered Jews in the past continue to spread today. A promise of success As one of the first female Ethiopian officers in the Israeli Navy, Yaros Shigot says her heritage helps make her a better commander. Making this night different In trying to make the Seder relevant to unaffiliated Jews, Marge Piercy distorts it beyond recognition. A kitniyot conundrum Do the rules of kitniyot apply to strict vegans as well? Making your Seder kid-friendly Some tips toward creating a meaningful Seder that promises to captivate interest of all kinds of kids - wise, wicked, simple and just plain unable to ask. A week of 'Sundays' No need to dent your wallet to show the children a good time over Hol Hamoed. In times of trouble Pessah is a time not only to remember our communal past, but to appreciate our communal present. Humor: Not fit for a dog Removing hametz from your home can be a doggone drag, but for one booming business, its a real treat.