'When people compare Zionism to Islamism, its Religious Zionism they're thinking about'

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This is your chance to voice your opinion. We've chosen a controversial / interesting entry that appeared on our site (talkback, blog, etc...) and we want to know what you have to say about it. TODAY'S HOT POTATO: Taken from article: Ofra rabbi permits Shabbat construction Talkback #: 3 Talkbacker: Bertram Bristol, UK Text: This was inevitable: Religious Zionism takes two good principles, Judaism and Zionism, and bastardizes them both. When people compare Zionism to Islamism, its Religious Zionism that they're thinking about. Just like Khomeini believed that the Islamic State could abrogate whatever rules it wanted, Religious Zionism has lent its Messianic bent towards similar stupidity. The state, while a laudable goal, should hardly be a religious goal, especially one that supersedes all other, more important parts of the religion. And Religious Zionists wonder why Hareidim doubt their religiousity - here's why! What do you think? The ball is in your court now. Click here to respond