Top 10: Gourmet burger joints in Tel Aviv

Gone are the days when going for a burger means heading to the nearest fast food joint to grab a greasy, plastic happy meal.

Agadir burger 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Agadir burger 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The gourmet burger is here, and Tel Aviv eateries are doing it very well. With so many gourmet burgers to choose from, here is a list to help those looking for the perfect burger. Each restaurant in the list has been given its own grade out of 10. The scores are based on an average of three different categories: Food, service and value. The tasters both live in Tel Aviv and set out on a comprehensive mission to find the best burger in their city. Here are the results:
1. Agadir Embassy: Burgers fit for an ambassador
Agadir burgerAgadir burger
For those who really like their burgers fancy, “Agadir Embassy” serves up food fit for an ambassador. Ranging from goats cheese to eggplant, the long list of toppings only add to the already perfect burger. Leave plenty of time for the meal, as talking about how great the burgers are may get in the way of eating them. A great cocktail list and friendly staff add to the fact that Israel should use this restaurant to improve its diplomatic relations. Best burger in Tel Aviv score for Agadir Embassy: 9.1Ben Yehuda 120. Not Kosher. Phone: 03-605-7777.
2. HomeBurger: Home made burgers in a homely atmosphere
Home BurgerHome Burger
"HomeBurger" offers a more homely atmosphere. Again, added extras are a big feature here, with fried onions winning the battle for the top topping. There will be no complaints of dry buns as the variety of sauces keeps everything just moist enough. Recommended for an end of the night bite as opposed to a full sit down meal. Best burger in Tel Aviv score for HomeBurger: 8.4Ibn Gvirol 137. Not Kosher. Phone: 03-5448282.
3. Hamburguesa: Sizzling Spanish burgers from the grill
Spain is not necessarily famous for its burger exports, but “Hamburguesa” may help put it on the map. Lovers of spicy food will be in heaven here as there are plenty of picanti options. Unique toppings and friendly, down-to-earth service makes this Spanish casa very inviting. Great afternoon business deals and its central location make it a winner for an informal lunch. Best burger in Tel Aviv score for Hamburguesa: 8.2Ibn Gvirol 22. Kosher.4. Shigi Digi: Crazy name; crazy burgers
Shigi DigiShigi Digi
“Shigi Digi’s” crazy name reflects its crazy interior. The bright lights and neon colors may put some off, however their self titled “crazy little burgers” make “Shigi Digi” a winner for a fun pre or post movie burger. The presentation of the two burgers on their very own personalized plate look like an award one may have received from the nearby Cinemateque. Smoked duck with date jelly on top of a burger sure is a winning combination. Best burger in Tel Aviv score for Shigi Digi: 7.9Haarbaa 10, Cinemateque Qtr. Kosher. Phone: 03-5613888. Not open on Shabbat.
5. Black Bar 'n' Burger: Sophisticated Hollywood-style burgers
Black n BurgerBlack n Burger
“Black Bar 'n' Burger” can not necessarily offer night at the movies, however all the burgers and deals have some sort of movie theme that bring the diner closer to their favorite stars. The burgers themselves are good and the different combinations do not disappoint. A private booth along with the deep red and black color scheme all add to a great setting for a romantic meal. Best Burger in Tel Aviv score for Black Bar 'n' Burger: 7.8 Habarzel 23, Ramat HaHayal. Not Kosher. Phone: 03-6441000.6. Moses: High class diner that reinvented the burger
Taking the burger back to its US diner routes is Tel Aviv favourite “Moses” offers good quality meat, interesting topping combinations and a range of homemade sauces. For nocturnal party-goers it is useful to note that after midnight the price of a burger and fries drops.
Best burger in Tel Aviv score for Moses: 7.7
Rothschild 35, Tel Aviv. Moses Station, Dizengoff 293, Tel Aviv. HaBarzel 26, Ramat HaHayal. Ariyeh Shenker, 14 Herzilya. Cinema City, Rishon Letzion. Not Kosher. Phone: 054-5558574.
7. Avant Garde: Classy burgers in a romantic setting
Avant GardeAvant Garde
"Avant Garde" is an American style grill bar that serves very good hamburgers in a  pleasant and friendly atmosphere. The fried-egg topped burger may be a little messy to eat but it is well worth looking like a fool. The good quality meat matches the good quality of the place and provides a great place for a date. But maybe not a first date because of the often unavoidable spillage from the burger.
Best burger in Tel Aviv score for Avant Garde: 7.6.
Habarzel, 3, Ramat Hahayal. Not Kosher. Phone: 03-6480083.
8. King George: Burger fit for royalty
King GeorgeKing George
Although not strictly a burger joint, the burger on offer at "King George" is definitely worth a mention. Once finally seated at the this ever-popular restaurant, enjoy the great atmosphere and the extremely friendly staff. There may be only two toppings to choose from, but what they lack in choice they make up for in quantity. Make sure to get there hungry because the huge portion, along with incredible french fries are sure not to disappoint.
Best burger in Tel Aviv score for King George: 7.4.
King George 20. Not Kosher. Phone: 052-6959662.
9. Magic Burger: Simple burgers with a touch of magic
Magic BurgerMagic Burger
Even though the burgers at "Magic Burger" are made from freshly ground beef or lamb, it still has the feel of a fast food place. But this should not detract people from the excellent choice of toppings and plethora of sauces. While waiting for the freshly-made burger the very friendly, yet slightly over-talkative staff keep visitors entertained. Open till late, so great for grabbing a quick bite after a good night out.
Best burger in Tel Aviv score for Magic Burger: 7.1.
Ibn Gvirol 64. Kosher. Phone: 03-6956782.
10. Wolfnights: Good, but not great
Another Tel Aviv institution which makes the list, but only just, is "Wolfnights.” The burgers themselves are tasty, it is just the staff who are not so fresh. Fast food is fast food and “Wolfnights” does not do much to take itself into the gourmet category. The flagship burger is a mix of lamb and beef with Emental cheese and garlic mayo which does not disappoint. It is tasty but only worth a visit after enjoying a drink one of the many bars or pubs in the area.
Best burger in Tel Aviv score for Wolfnights: 6.25.
Lilinblum 40. Not Kosher. Phone: 03-5448777.