Veranda: Fine dining at Jerusalem's David Citadel - review

I have to say, I enjoyed every single bite at Verandas. Do yourself a flavor favor and visit this lovely restaurant. You will not regret it!

 CAREFULLY CRAFTED ceviche. (photo credit: Ibrahim Khattab)
(photo credit: Ibrahim Khattab)

The David Citadel’s Veranda restaurant in Jerusalem has reopened with an all-new fine grill concept.

This cozy, yet spacious restaurant, with a great view over the pool and the backdrop of Jerusalem’s Old City, is in a perfect location, ideal for those who want a romantic night out, a family dinner or a larger group.

Chef Kfir Misnikov has created a masterful new menu that will easily meet the expectations of those with the most discerning tastes. The main dishes come under four categories: Fire Stove & Embers, From the Sea, From the Field, and Veranda’s classics. Within each, there are three to six choices and many gluten-free or vegan dishes.

A masterful menu

We started with the smoked eggplant. This was the first time I had tasted such a dish that did not have an overpowering burnt taste. In fact, the skin was mixed in with the tehina sauce to allow that perfect savory blend that requires you to eat more. Stupendous!

We followed with one of the restaurant’s classics: carpaccio, which is best described as a slow drizzle covering your palate, exploring the full essence of texture and taste, which makes you simply sigh in contentedness. Brilliant!

 EXQUISITE SMOKED egglant. (credit: Ibrahim Khattab) EXQUISITE SMOKED egglant. (credit: Ibrahim Khattab)

Next, we dined on the Pumpkin Steak, smoked in an apple tree charcoal, covered in black lentil ragout with a corn korma coulis and micro green peas – a cornucopia of senses for the venerable vegetarian. So simple and delightful, I will attempt it at home!

I normally do not order ceviche. However, the blend of ingredients – shallots, mint, green onions, lime juice and walnut oil, served on lettuce and crushed iced and topped with a chili & nectarine sauce – had my mind going down a path of undeniable temptation. I savored every single ingredient, as it washed over my taste buds. Delightfully pleasing!

I saved the Asado Beef for last, as it sounded light and a good finish to the culinary experience. The veal, served on top of the bone, was indeed tender, and the apple barbecue sauce was not overpowering. The taste and texture – smoked to perfection.

A lemon tart – caramelized crumbs, lemon cream, pineapple ice cream, passion fruit jelly meringue – added the final round of pleasant tastes and textures for the evening. Devilishly decadent!

The new menu will entice customers not only to try Veranda but also to return and try the other sensational and fantastically created dishes. Kudos to the creator, designer and chef of these carefully crafted creations, which not only challenge the palate but also impress the visual and olfactory senses.

The service was delightful and professional, the ambiance was pleasant and the prices were very reasonable. I have to say, I enjoyed every single bite at Verandas. Do yourself a flavor favor and visit this lovely restaurant. You will not regret it!

The Veranda, David Citadel Hotel, King David Street 7, Jerusalem.Kosher, shmita lehumra, under supervision of the hotel’s rabbi.Reservations - [email protected]/(02) 262-12396

The writer was a guest of the restaurant.