Thai food that is very real and very good

A new Thai restaurant operates online for delicious deliveries

 (photo credit: Courtesy)
(photo credit: Courtesy)
A virtual restaurant? the owners of Thai Box have many successful restaurants in Israel that are closed now because of the pandemic, so they decided not to wait for corona to disappear and opened this new online delivery-only restaurant.  Thai Box offers dishes that cater to the Israeli crowd. The food is good, sometimes even very good, with a menu that consists of the most popular Thai dishes, such as pad Thai and papaya salad.
The difference between Thai Box and other restaurants is the attention to details - using only the best and freshest ingredients making them the star of each dish.
The food comes out of several kitchens located in a few places to ensure quick delivery. a very good solution for dishes that need to be eaten as soon as they leave the wok.
We started with Gong-Cha, crispy fish served on lettuce leaves, which was yummy. It consisted of two small portions and was a perfect starter. The other starter we chose, which was surprisingly good, was the Nam Tok – seared sirloin sliced very thinly and served with cilantro, mint, green onions, chili and red onion. The dish was seasoned well and very satisfying.
We then moved to the main dishes and went for the Thai Curry. Nothing like Indian curry, Thai curry – be it green, red or yellow, with fish or chicken, tofu of beef – is always a safe choice, providing the cook knows what he or she is doing. We chose two curries: Masaman with beef and steamed rice, and green curry with crispy fish and sticky rice. Both were excellent. Of course in Thailand they would say it had no spice, but for us the mild spiciness was just perfect. Both were filling, comforting and so much fun we decided immediately to add Thai Box to our favorite list for deliveries.
We got a surprise dessert (the dessert menu is called “Happy Ending”), a decadent chocolate mousse, with cacao caramel and kefir lime marshmallow, and was perfect. Other desserts include mille feuille with lemon cream, chantilly cream and kefir lime, as well as a more traditional Thai dessert of rice pudding with white chocolate and Thai basil.
There are also many options for vegetarians, vegans and children (including schnitzel and chicken balls) and there are a few options for pad Thai and egg rolls, so if you like Thai (who doesn’t), those are a very safe bet.
All the dishes came fresh and hot, packed very well with extra sauces and garnishes.
Starters are priced from NIS 29-NIS 48. Main dishes are NIS 39-NIS 88.
The restaurant has been so successful, the owners are now thinking of opening a branch in Greece. Good luck!
Not kosher, deliveries are made daily from 12 noon-11 p.m.
The writer was a guest of the establishment.