Fetus dies after 'coming back to life' in North

Family preparing female fetus for burial see signs of life, rushes it to Haemek Hospital.

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fetus 88
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A female fetus that was pronounced dead Sunday and found to be living while being prepared for burial later that night, died at Afula's Haemek Hospital in the early hours of Monday morning. The fetus and its male twin, delivered in the mother's 22nd week of pregnancy at a hospital in Nazareth, were both pronounced dead shortly after birth and meant to be buried in the northern village Ichsal. As the family prepared the bodies for burial Sunday night, the father noticed signs of life in the female fetus and an uncle rushed it to the home of Dr. Aziz Daraushe, director of Haemek's intensive care unit and an Ichsal resident. Daraushe confirmed that the fetus was alive and transferred it to Haemek Hospital, where a senior member of staff of the Neonatology Intensive Care Unit received it and attempted to stabilize its vital organs. The fetus, however, died a few hours later. Police were investigating the possibility of medical negligence at the Nazareth hospital.