Hi-tech respirator donated for Kadouri

A follower of 106-year-old kabbalist Rabbi Yitzhak Kadouri, who is being treated at Jerusalem's Bikur Holim Hospital for severe pneumonia, donated a $35,000 hi-tech respirator that weans the patient from ventilation. It is only the second such device available at Bikur Holim. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is attached to a similar interactive respirator in the neurosurgery intensive care unit at Jerusalem's Hadassah University Medical Center in Ein Kerem. The respirator senses how much the patient can breathe on his own and automatically suits its activity to the depth and pace of the patient's respiration. Kadouri was put on dialysis a few days ago, improving his situation to serious but stable after previously being critical and unstable. Now on the new respirator, his condition has improved somewhat, the hospital said.