Keep safe celebrating nation's birthday

Health fund recommends that no one buy or use spray foam, which can cause irreversible burns to the eyes.

fireworks tel aviv 248.88 (photo credit: )
fireworks tel aviv 248.88
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Clalit Health Services and other medical organizations are calling on the public to protect themselves and their children from tragic and preventible accidents before and on Independence Day this week. Clalit, the largest health fund, has recommended that no one buy or use spray foam, which can cause irreversible burns to the eyes and is very painful. If foam is sprayed into the eye, wash the affected eye with lots of cold water and immediately seek medical treatment. Besides avoiding all explosives, including cap pistols, one must keep children away from barbecue grills to avoid skin burns. Children of all ages should be supervised at campfires, and water (to put out the flames), a cellphone and basic first-aid supplies should be at hand. Wear shoes (high-topped ones are preferable) at campfires to avoid snakes, scorpions and other dangerous creatures. Keep matches out of children's reach. Children should be given meat and marshmallows on a plate and not on a skewer, as there have been numerous accidental skewer-stabbing incidents. Tough and burnt meat that is difficult to chew should not be served to children under the age of five, as they could choke to death. In addition, hot dogs should be cut lengthwise and not as coin-like pieces to prevent choking. Popcorn, nuts and other small-sized snacks should be kept away from children under five as well.