Measles on plane causes Health Ministry concern

Passengers of an El Al flight (LY082) from Bangkok to Israel that left Thailand last Thursday night and arrived here on Friday morning should contact their nearest District Health Office to determine if they need an urgent vaccination against the measles, the Health Ministry said Sunday. If one has been vaccinated for measles, one need not get the shot again; if one had the measles as a child, go in and be tested for antibodies to determine if a shot is needed. A 22-year-old Israeli male passenger was diagnosed with it after his arrival, causing the ministry's concern about the infectious disease, which can cause serious complications. The shot is free and must be given within three days of exposure, meaning on Monday. Pregnant women passengers who have not had two measles shots and infants who were on the plane should go for immunoglobulin instead of the measles vaccine. The El Al flight staff was also informed.