More rabid animals detected in the North

Two more cases of rabies in animals were reported by the Health Ministry on Sunday after several previous cases in recent weeks.

Thistime, a wounded jackal was found in the Ganei Huga area of the BeitShe'an Valley on July 24. Three days later, the jackal died and wasfound to have been infected with rabies. On July 31, another jackalattacked a man at Beit Yosef but was not caught. On July 29, a mountaindog barged into Kibbutz Dan and bit pets. The dog was caught and foundto be rabid.

The ministry calls on anyone who was in contact with any of therabid animals to report immediately to the district health office. Theoffice in Safed can be reached at (04) 6994218/9.

Parents of children who may have been in contact with theanimals are asked to speak with them to find out. Owners of pet dogs inthe area are asked to ensure that their animals have been vaccinatedagainst rabies. Call the regional veterinarian, Dr. Ron Yisraeli.

In the event of an animal bite or scratch, wash thearea immediately with running water and soap, apply antiseptics and goto the district health office to determine whether a rabies vaccine isneeded.