Web site names celebs who died from smoking

The list, including many well-known Israelis, was compiled by the Israel Cancer Association.

cigarette butts 88 (photo credit: )
cigarette butts 88
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A list of well-known Israelis who have died from smoking-related causes has been established on the Internet by the Israel Cancer Association, based on the model of the US sites at www.tobacco.org and www.saclung.org. ICA spokeswoman Nava Inbar said that the new Web page on the association's site at www.cancer.org.il seeks additional names from the public. The names of more well-known victims of smoking should be faxed to 03-7322780. If the families of anyone listed objects, they may send a fax or e-mail message with their objections and the name will be removed immediately, Inbar promised. Press here for a direct link to the list. Among the well-known Israelis who died from tobacco smoking are former environment minister Yehudit Naot, caricaturist Dudu Geva, poet Yona Wallach, former foreign minister Yigal Allon, actor Sheike Ophir, former Lod mayor and MK Maxim Levy, poet Batya Gur, former Air Force commander Benny Peled, author Pinhas Sadeh, former minister and Israel Defense Forces chief of staff Haim Bar-Lev and singer Benny Amdursky.