Tourism Ministry launches helpful new iPhone application

New app will find user's location and let them receive fast and updated information on sites, tours and events going on in immediate area.

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The Tourism Ministry on Sunday launched an iPhone application that will make touring and enjoying the country much easier.
The application will find the user’s location and allow them to receive fast and updated information on sites, tours, accommodation and events taking place in the immediate area.
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In the next stage of development the system will be adapted to other appliances.
The iPhone user will be able to upload photographs and comments to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter in real time.
Another feature of the application includes receiving precise information including maps and augmented reality to direct the user to the desired location.
With the touch of a button the user receives complete tailor-made information on a variety of heritage sites, family entertainment, nature reserves, active leisure options, archaeology, and museums.
The application allows the user to build an individual tour including photographs.
The Tourism Ministry said that the information will be updated on a regular basis with the help of the relevant tourism bodies.
After downloading the application free of charge from App Store, the user can access the application even when he is offline (although updates will only be available with an internet connection).
Tourism Minister Stas Misezhnikov said “The Tourism Ministry continues to lead the service revolution for the tourist and visitor to Israel with the use of advanced technology, as is done in the major tourism cities around the world. This application joins the Tourism Ministry’s electronic marketing system that includes the expansion of the website into different languages, activities in the social media, setting up forums, etc.”
The application, which is launched in English and Hebrew, will soon be translated into other languages in keeping with the composition of incoming tourism – Russian, German, French and others. Working in cooperation with other tourism bodies, the ministry will soon include broader information in the application such as public transport, gas stations, hospitals etc.