Gadgets: Size matters

A big-screen TV can pull you into the movie action just the way big movie theater screens do.

plasma tv 88 (photo credit: )
plasma tv 88
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Going out to the movies can be a hassle. You have to find a babysitter, parking space, stand in a long line to spend NIS 35 on a ticket, and then sit in a crowded, noisy theater. Movie lovers put up with it because they like watching movies on the big screen. Another option, however, is buying a big-screen TV which can pull you into the movie action just the way big movie theater screens do. The new Panasonic 65PY700 65" plasma HDTV will get you pretty much close to a theater impact while cuddling in your favorite armchair at home. An extra room, preferably larger than cubicle size is highly recommended, as a display of this size would need more than four meters of distance between it and the viewer - big screen displays are great, but they're not at their best if your nose is practically touching the screen. However, if you don't have this extra room, but are willing to spend NIS 69,000 (plus NIS 1,000 for installation) the 65PY700 is sure to light up your living room. With its 1920 x 1080 resolution, this full-HD plasma screen displays beautiful images with stunning detail and outstanding precision. Its vivid colors look virtually just as good from a sharp angle as they do from directly in front not only for HD broadcasts, but from Blu-ray sources as well. In general, plasma panels use self-illuminating pixels so motion-image resolution is outstanding, even in fast-motion scenes. This screen provides vivid images when viewing action movies or watching soccer, tennis matches and other sports events. Under its glossy-black panel which provides high resistance to impacts and scratches, this huge plasma screen hides two speakers which are surprising in both sound quality and volume. In addition to brilliant picture quality, the 65PY700 is equipped with a slot for large-capacity SDHC cards, so you can simply remove the card from a digital still camera, slip it into the slot, and your high-definition digital photos fill the large screen. The viewing is simply sensational. Panasonic's advanced imaging technologies bring photos dramatically to life, with vibrant color and extraordinary detail. [email protected]