Cancer Association to hold its annual fundraising on Monday

Some 200,000 Israelis are living with cancer after being diagnosed and treated.

Breast cancer survivors 521 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Breast cancer survivors 521
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Tens of thousands of schoolchildren and youth movement members will visit homes on Monday as part of the annual Knock on the Door campaign of the Israel Cancer Association, which receives no government funding.
Some 200,000 Israelis are living with cancer after being diagnosed and treated, said the ICA; every year, 28,000 new cases are diagnosed. The voluntary organization works around the year to fund dozens of research projects aimed at finding new medications and cures for cancer; it also helps in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients around the country.
The ICA finances the salaries of nurses, psychologists, clinical dietitians, social workers and others who help cancer patients in hospitals. Other activities include national screening programs, including mammography for early detection of breast cancer; early diagnosis of cancers significantly increases survival rates.
Children suffering from cancer get free summer camps to help them recover, while the ICA also funds the purchase of advanced medical equipment for treating patients and informs patients of their rights for tax and other benefits.
Rivka Balistra, who is in charge of the campaign and heads the department of branches, said that new immigrants, Arabs and cancer survivors will be among those collecting donations for the ICA.
The ICA has 70 branches around the country that are operated by volunteers. More information can be obtained at the organization’s website at