Gedera voter breaks both hands trying to hang campaign banner

The 58-year-old man undergoes surgery after ladder collapses when trying to hang banner on roof for favorite candidate.

Man breaks arm voting 370 (photo credit: Courtesy Kaplan Medical Center)
Man breaks arm voting 370
(photo credit: Courtesy Kaplan Medical Center)
Election day was a painful one for Pini Levi, president of the Gedera Rotary organization, who fell from a ladder when he tried to hang a banner for his favorite candidate high up for all to see. He fell, suffering serious fractures in both his hands.
The 58-year-old man had climbed up on the roof of his home on Monday, before election day. When the ladder collapsed, he instinctively attempted to protect himself with his hands. The rest of his body, however, was unharmed.
He was rushed in a lot of pain to Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot and underwent surgery to restore full functioning in his dominant right hand.
Metal plates were inserted to strengthen the bones in his palm.
He felt well enough afterwards to leave the hospital and vote for his favorite mayoral candidate.
Dr. Eyal Hendler, a senior orthopedist at the hospital, said that when the man arrived at the emergency room and underwent scanning, doctors could immediately see that the bones at the base of his right hand had been smashed, and that a bone in the left palm had been fractured.
He did not need surgery in the left hand, but in the right one he needed platinum plates to be inserted to set the bone.
His hands will have to be be in a cast for four weeks, followed by physiotherapy.
When the candidate heard of the accident, he went several times to visit Levi, thanking him and wishing him a full recovery.