Israel, Canada academies pledge cooperation

Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, counterpart Royal Society of Canada (RSC) sign memorandum of understanding.

Israel, Canada memorandum of understanding 370 (photo credit: Dany Veillette/Office of the Secretary to Canada’s)
Israel, Canada memorandum of understanding 370
(photo credit: Dany Veillette/Office of the Secretary to Canada’s)
The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities and its counterpart, the Royal Society of Canada (RSC) have established a memorandum of understanding.
The ceremony was held in Toronto last week, with President Shimon Peres and Academy president Prof. Ruth Arnon among the signatories for Israel, and Governor General David Lloyd Johnston and RSC president Prof. Yolande Grisé representing the Canadians.
“This agreement with the Israel Academy, as well as the upcoming meeting of scientists in the field of brain research, signal that our two institutions believe in the principles of cooperation, but also in the necessity to see programs arise from those principles immediately,” said Grisé. “In its 130th year, the RSC is honored to undertake this innovative project with our esteemed colleagues in Israel, whose distinguished academicians are active partners in living the ideals of knowledge, promotion of research and cooperative projects espoused by national academies around the world.”
Arnon, a distinguished scientist at the Weizmann Institute of Sciences in Rehovot, noted: “The achievements of Israeli researchers and their contributions to innovation are well-recognized in Nobel Prizes and Gairdner Awards.
However, as an academy in a small country, we see the great value of relationships with scientists in other scientifically advanced countries such as Canada.”
Once the accord is signed, permanent cooperation between the two academies will be established, with potential for joint projects such as an upcoming conference on brain research and exchanges of students and researchers. This is the 34th such bilateral agreement between Israel’s academy and others abroad.
Founded in 1882, the RSC comprises the academies of arts, humanities and sciences of Canada. Its mission is to recognize scholarly research and artistic excellence, to advise governments and organizations, and to promote a culture of knowledge and innovation in Canada and together with other national academies around the world.
Founded in November 1959, the Israel Academy acts as a national focal point for Israeli scholarship in both the natural sciences and the humanities. Its mission is to cultivate and promote scholarly and scientific excellence, to advise government, to maintain contact with similar bodies abroad and to publish writings calculated to promote scholarship and science.
“This agreement with the RSC will allow scientists of both countries to collaborate and enhance scientific development on the global stage, to the mutual benefit of both Israel and Canada,” added Arnon.