‘One out of three Israelis will get cancer’

Israel Cancer Association seeks signatures for petition to the government to boost its financial investment fighting the disease.

book (photo credit: coutesy)
(photo credit: coutesy)
Israelis are invited to sign a petition to the government to boost its financial investment in fighting cancer, which will strike one out of every three residents in his or her lifetime.
The petition, which can be signed in Hebrew at the Israel Cancer Association’s website, has been signed in the past week by more than 6,000 people.
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Every year, 28,000 new cancer cases are diagnosed in Israel. These statistics have to be improved, said ICA director- general Miri Ziv. The petition is being distributed in Hebrew on ICA’s website and additional languages will be added soon. The petition will also be spread by other national cancer associations around the world.
The cancer societies around the globe hope to get at least a million people – including at least 10,000 Israelis – to sign the petition, which will be presented at a high-level conference of international leaders at the United Nation’s New York headquarters in September. Ziv and representatives of other cancer societies will be among those attending.
“Presenting the petition will be an opportunity to advance with another step the struggle against cancer and influence global processes in a non-political discussion that touches everyone,” she said.
The ICA said that governments must invest more effort in significantly reducing tobacco use, lowering obesity rates and alcohol consumption, improving the use of tests for early diagnosis such as mammography, and improving palliative care and ensuring the relief of pain for cancer patients.