Sexual hypnosis: Does it work?

Sex therapist Tatyana Dyachenko said that if you are having trouble with a low sex drive then sexual hypnosis is a good idea to think about.

Couple in bed [file photo] (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Couple in bed [file photo]
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Many have heard of hypnosis, and many people have experienced it firsthand, but did you know that it can be extraordinarily helpful when it comes to relieving fears, curing anxiety and even helping improve sex?

A lot of people suffer from low libido and turn to sexual hypnosis for help.

According to sex therapist Tatyana Dyachenko, hypnosis can "increase sexual desire, feelings and sexual reactions." This form of hypnosis can also help people achieve sexual goals that they have had trouble achieving in the past on their own.

Let's say for example that you are having trouble connecting to your partner during sex. Hypnosis can also help with that as well as help people trying to overcome sexual trauma or to make sex more enjoyable. 

"Sexual hypnosis can increase sensitivity and awareness of touch," Dyachenko explains. "It's to help you open up to new things or enjoy an experience of a sexual sensation that is considered taboo."

 THE BOOK explores the meaning of the sexual relationship in Judaism.  (credit: PEXELS) THE BOOK explores the meaning of the sexual relationship in Judaism. (credit: PEXELS)

When used in BDSM, sexual hypnosis is usually associated between a dominant and a submissive. One person is being hypnotized while the other is hypnotizing.

How does the hypnosis work in this specific scenario?

The person being hypnotized is first put into a place of relaxation.

After the brain moves into the state of something called "Alpha Waves," the hypnotist will create a scenario for that person with safe words and boundaries.

After the patient gets to the point of full relaxation, every fear, and any inhibition all fade away. With that, the person's guard is down and that is the point that they will be able to try and understand their desires that were never understood before.

What's the process for sexual hypnosis?

If you were to do this kind of hypnosis, you would first need to find out what your sexual goals are.

Luke Chao, a hypnotist and instructor at The Morpheus Clinic for Hypnosis in Toronto, said that you need to also find a hypnotist that you trust and feel comfortable with.

It will be challenging to find a hypnotist that specializes in this field since it's not a huge thing yet.

Set clear boundaries in advance with the hypnotist once you've found one. Allowing anyone to hypnotize you is another level of trust so if you can't trust the hypnotist or they're not listening to your boundaries, it's time to find a different one.

This kind of hypnosis is not for everyone and there are definitely many other ways that can help expand your boundaries of sexual pleasure. But if you are interested, it can have surprising results.